• Taco Trader has closed in Dyer, Indiana. We are currently looking for another location in Northwest Indiana and elsewhere. Check back for additional information. If you have a top-tier location in mind tell us about it. Want to run your own Taco Trader? Let us know. Thanks!!!

Our Ethos

At Taco Trader we believe in exceptional food. We cook everything from scratch daily. There are no short cuts. Our style of cooking is intense and laborious. We own no freezers or microwaves. This requires that we maintain the freshest ingredients. We purchase only the highest quality food from top-tier vendors. We source our spices from a spice merchant that shares our commitment to quality. We fry in premium oils containing zero trans fat. The above translates into excellent food that is appreciably superior in taste and quality. We strive to serve our customers compelling food each time they dine with us. This is an obligation founded in the tradition and excellence of our cuisine.